How It Works

Speech Recognition

DELIGHT listens and responds like a human, removing the burden customers often feel when most call centers only respond with menu options. DELIGHT’s intelligent response phone bot listens and responds in over 30 languages to give your customers a surprisingly better, more efficient call center experience. Customers are often surprised at how realistic DELIGHT can be.

Save Money

What if DELIGHT were able to replace your company’s traditional call center, saving you money and easing the burden of spikes in calls due to natural disasters and service disruptors? DELIGHT can work around the clock at all hours of the day, allowing your team to focus on more important things.

Earn Time Back

Most customers’ questions are generally the same and their experience can vary depending on the outcome of the call. With DELIGHT, there’s an opportunity to provide better service to all of your customers through email and chat notifications. DELIGHT offers call transfer by taking calls through a dedicated phone number, notes the customer’s request, and forwards it to the relevant department or person. If no one is available, DELIGHT informs the customer directly and relays the information so that a staff member can address the issue as soon as they are available.