To an automated and decentralized management model for the next 10 years


DELIGHT,Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroyuki ANNO), a sports platform business, has been practicing an automated and decentralized management model for the next 10 years since November 2016, and realized the management model on Thursday, November 11, 2016. some of the findings from the 5 years of practice are shared today. We will share some of the insights we have gained during our five years of practice today.


According to the "SaaS Usage Survey Report(in Japan market)" released by Metaps Inc. in December 2020, "Companies with less than 10 SaaS installations account for 80% of all companies, but there are companies that use nearly 100 services." This is the result.

SaaS Usage Survey Report:



Our company has no so-called employees at the moment, only "professionals" such as the CFO, except for the CEO. As a result of actively promoting the structuring and automation of the company's operations since November 2016, we have gained the following insights through the use of SaaS, which we would like to share with you. Salesforce, which covers all processes from the front desk to management, is the most important IT infrastructure in our company and we have been using it since 2007. 


Employee training under this management model
We have external professionals but no employees, so there is no need for training to improve business knowledge or skills, which costs time and money

Each of the service providers that provide SaaS upgrades their versions several times a year from the
perspective of customer success and by listening to the requests of the companies that use their services, including us, so our ability to execute automatically improves.


Comment from Hiroyuki ANNO, CEO of DELIGHT,Inc. :
The introduction of SaaS has dramatically shortened the time we need to search for something. Instead of looking for a system that fits our traditional workflow, we found a reliable and scalable SaaS solution, and changed our processes to fit the knowledge we gained from it, which is a patterned approach. We've been able to augment our accounting and finance expertise by learning from SaaS. When it comes to creative, such as video, we've been able to differentiate between what's important and what we want to produce quickly, and how we produce it, depending on our objectives. Our company's goal is an "automated and decentralized management model. That's why we're going to continue to look for and experiment with advanced SaaS around the world. We also want to put even more emphasis in the future on people who can ask us to do things that SaaS can't do, or who can bring new ways of thinking and diversity to the table.


About the future direction of DELIGHT, Inc.
The term "Full Stack CEO" was mentioned by Greg Sands of Costanoa Venture Capital in 2016. We will further refine our management model and implement a new model of company management as a globally active startup.


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