AI phone "DELIGHT Assistant" automatically responds to congestion calls


For stores, fitness clubs, and shared office

We are glad to announce the launch of a service that automatically measures the number of people crowded every five minutes and automatically responds with the latest information on crowded conditions over the phone, in cooperation with the AI camera of ATOM tech Inc.(Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture).


Currently, avoiding congestion is an issue in stores, fitness clubs, shared offices, hospitals, and public facilities, but by providing the latest congestion information over the phone, users can avoid "I couldn't get in because it was too crowded.
By providing the latest crowd information by phone, the service will provide convenience to both users and stores so that users do not have to worry about being unable to enter the store because it is too crowded.

This service will be developed in cooperation with the following two companies
ATOM tech Inc. (, which sells AI-based headcount cameras
DELIGHT, Inc. (, a provider of cloud-based AI phone services.

Start date, minimum equipment configuration, and cost
The service will be available from today, September 22 (Wed.). Purchase will be from each company. 
 Cloud AI Phone "Delight Assistant" Initial cost 0 yen, annual cost 12,000 yen (excluding tax)
 ATOM Cam 2 equipment cost 2,980 yen (tax included, shipping not included), headcount function, 500 yen per month (tax included)
Phone number for demonstration: 03-4578-2017 (Please feel free to make a call.)

About AI Phone "DELIGHT  Assistant"

Service Introduction Page
When you make a phone call and speak as if you were talking to a human being, the AI will interpret your voice and respond to you.
It is currently being used by local governments, listed companies, campaign offices, stores, and corporate representative offices.

The following are some of the issues that AI phones can alleviate
(1) Organizations whose human resources are being squeezed by answering the same kind of questions from many people on the phone.
(2) An organization that is unable to handle a large volume of calls due to the Corona disaster, even though calls from sales offices are forwarded to the head office for centralized processing.
(3) To reduce the burden of answering phones at stores that are operating with the minimum number of staff due to a decrease in sales to avoid three densities.
(4) Foreign language support

About Atomtech, Inc.

Atomtech is a start-up venture established in August 2019 with the aim of contributing to society by pursuing the ideal form of IoT products. Seeing the provision of the latest technology at a reasonable price as the key to the spread of IoT, we have started our business activities with the aim of developing products that break through industry norms, with the goal of making Japan a world leader once again.

About DELIGHT, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Delight is a start-up company established in 2011. "The AI phone was originally developed for the company's own use for inquiries about marathon events.
The AI Phone is a cloud system that was originally created for the company's own use for inquiries about marathon events.

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ATOM Tech Provides ATOM Cam "AI Headcount Service" Function to DELIGHT's AI Phone Answering System

ATOM Tech, the AI smart home camera company ATOM Cam, partners with Delight, the AI phone service company

Screenshot of the ATOM Cam 2 headcount counting service.

 Actual analysis image in the AI analysis server in ATOM Cam.

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