"Think outside the box!" Cuban Pitcher Pedro Alvarez Transfer Support

DELIGHT Inc, a sports platform business with the motto "Think outside the box" has made the following international transfers as the players' agent.  Pedro Alvarez just arrived in Japan on Sunday, August 7, but made his debut on Friday, August 12, pitching 1 inning and striking out three in a row.

As a player's agent, we supported the international transfer of Pedro Alvarez, a top-class player in the Cuban League and a former member of the Cuban national team, to an independent league.

As you know, the major baseball markets are the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.
For diplomatic reasons, it is currently impossible for Cuban players to transfer directly to the United States. Also, transferring to Taiwan and South Korea is also difficult due to conflicts with China and North Korea, leaving only Japan in a unique position.

As a result, Cuban baseball players playing in Japan have come to Japan in the following two patterns. .
(1) After risking their lives to defect to another country, they come to Japan to play in the MLB and other teams.
(2) Some Japanese professional baseball teams (NPB) acquire Cuban players through their own channels.
This time, for the first time, a way was opened for Cuban players to transfer to the top league through Japan's independent league. This has been highly regarded as good news not only for Korean and Taiwanese professional baseball teams, but also for Japanese professional baseball teams that have had difficulty traveling overseas due to the new coronavirus.
We plan to continue our activities in the future.

Comment from Hiroyuki Kanno, Representative Director
We have been involved in international transfers of Cuban volleyball players and have considerable knowledge of Cuba. We have also had the opportunity to work on the transfer of baseball players since 2013. It took us 9 years to achieve this unprecedented challenge, but there were many more obstacles specific to baseball than we had imagined. I would like to thank everyone involved on both the Japanese and Cuban sides for their support in making this international transfer of a top-class Cuban League player a reality.

■Comments from Pitcher Pedro Alvarez
I started playing baseball when I was 7 years old and started in earnest when I was 9.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to play in Japan, which will be a new path for many Cuban baseball players.

For more information on Alvarez, please check the sports media and the baseball team's announcement.
■Tokushima acquires Alvarez, Cuba's fastest right-hander at 154 km/h, "like Kanno of the Giants", aiming to play an active role and enter the NPB


New foreign player joins the club


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